iiiiiii love my boyfriend so much he’s such an adult and makes any worry i have about anything melt away and he always has my best interest at heart


Y o Y

i caught keira kicking my glasses around my room and she threw a fit when i made her stop

Goldfish, 1901-1902  (detail) // Gustav Klimit

getting fired was so traumatic for me im sorry. i still feel the humiliation of it. even though she is giving me my job back (admitting her mistake) i still feel like a fool



Suzuran aka Lily of The Valley

these are the ‘jacob’s ladder’ that you see in the game! In japan, the name スズラン (suzuran) is a name given to lily of the valley, but when translated to english it becomes jacob’s ladder, hence the apparent translation error.

i want to put on false eyelashes but i also want to nap


Happy Easter Xbox


Environmental, site-specific installations by Andy Goldsworthy


今日は、展覧会をさせて頂いているCafe doudouさんで、ワークショップ&すこしお茶やお話をさせていただきました。たくさんのドキドキわくわくをいただき、なんだかふわふわしています。ありがとうございます*